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I started writing and recording these mantras the first Monday of 2020, unaware of what would follow as the year geared up. Let’s just say that even without a global pandemic, my own amusement park of a life that I shared in the form of lessons, let go’s, and let ins seemed to resonate. We are humans being, doing, and in search of connection. Each week, many people reached out to tell me just how timely that Monday Mantra was for them as we experienced what can be likened to “just ripping the band-aid right off.”

Guess what? Wounds need air to heal, so somehow the timing was right.

I am a lot of things, but I am not a guru. I have been on my own healing journey for more than 10 years, emotionally and physically, using yoga, prayer, mindfulness and energy medicine. These Monday Mantras, though? I’m quite sure they began when I started collecting quotes as a pre-teen and using them to help me make it through tough times. These mantras come from so many disciplines and schools of thought, and ultimately, from my heart to yours.

What is a mantra?

It is a word or series of words used to help meditation along. The science of mindfulness and meditation tells us wonderful things about their benefits, but so many people either don’t know where to start OR don’t start because:

it seems so hard
I don’t have enough time
I can’t shut off my brain
I can’t sit still
I don’t like apps
what if I don’t do it right??????

Why should I do this? And why MONDAY??

Mindfulness practices like meditation and breathwork offer low-hanging fruit even with a simple practice: scientifically proven improvements in anxiety, depression, awareness of one’s own feelings, and non-judgmental acceptance; improvements in pain, susceptibility to infection, and heart health; and improvements in attention and cognition. Longer periods and practice of meditation actually cause positive changes in neural networks in the brain and in brain structure.

We also know that micro-dosing meditation works.

Slowing down and deepening your breath for just 2 minutes works.

Try it now. I’m serious. Stop what you are doing. Set a timer for 2 minutes and take slow deep breaths in and out to a count of 4 or 5.

How do you feel?

Yep, you experienced it!

On Mondays, more than needing one more thing to DO, we need things to NOT do. Use your Monday Mantra as a gift to NOT do something:

I will not be as worried.
I will not be as negative.
I will not be as frightened.
I will not be as stressed.
I will not overfill.

Each of us has a cup that we hold and can handle. Our cups fill with exposures and stuff as we get older: illnesses, traumas, exposures to toxins, crappy food, bad air, toxic stress. These things are chronically inflammatory to our bodies. There will come a point when your cup will overflow or tip over if all you do is put stuff in it. Overflow looks like a breakdown, a major medical illness, a smoldering problem that finally gets your attention, or any number of other life-altering events.

You should practice Monday Mantras because mindfulness is like a release valve on your cup.

Each week you get a mantra, or an intention for the week, and an activity, which is your intention in action. People aren’t seeing your intentions, they’re seeing your actions. What if your actions were congruent with your intentions? Enter, Monday Mantras with Megan.

Remember, this should not be difficult and perfection is not the goal. This is a release valve for your filled up-cup.

Enjoy your journey. I can’t wait to hear about it!

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